Pain in Throat Dissolved; Voice Restored

My husband and I drove up to Tennessee for the day to witness the total solar eclipse this past August. Watching the news coverage and experiencing the eclipse (we stopped in a small town where exactly 42 seconds of totality was predicted) caused me to ponder more deeply this phrase from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy:  “All we correctly know of Spirit comes from God, divine Principle, and is learned through Christ and Christian Science. If this Science has been thoroughly learned and properly digested, we can know the truth more accurately than the astronomer can read the stars or calculate an eclipse” (p. 84).

What a wonderful promise of healing, since Christ Jesus told us that the path to freedom is found by knowing the truth (see John 8:32), and this includes freedom from sin and disease. And I had had an opportunity just the week before to demonstrate this freedom.

Very early on a Saturday morning I found myself dealing with a painful throat condition. I contacted a Christian Science practitioner by email and soon received a response of prayerful support. By that evening the pain had dissipated, and I was even able to fulfill my position as a reader in church the following morning. However, I awoke on Monday morning with no voice.

This was just a week before the eclipse was going to take place, and I had gone to God in prayer pondering the metaphysical lesson behind this unique, even Biblical event (see Matthew 24:29).  It immediately occurred to me that the truth of God’s goodness, especially as manifested in Christian Science healing, could never be eclipsed by evil. Feeling an unselfed love to share this idea, I decided that morning to write a brief article along these lines and submit it for consideration as a Christian Science Daily Lift. My submission was accepted, and I feel my desire to bless others and share my voice in this way was important to the healing.

I was soon led to look up a passage in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Explaining the spiritual meaning of Revelation 12, verses 15 and 16, Mrs. Eddy writes in part: “What if the old dragon should send forth a new flood to drown the Christ-idea? He can neither drown your voice with its roar, nor again sink the world into the deep waters of chaos and old night. In this age the earth will help the woman; the spiritual idea will be understood. Those ready for the blessing you impart will give thanks” (p. 570).

As this inspiring message from God took hold of my thought, it dawned on me that my voice is not in matter. In fact, I reasoned that my only real voice is a manifestation of God’s voice, since I am a reflection of God. As such, the lie of life, or even a voice, in matter could never touch my spiritual individuality. By that night my voice returned, and any lingering symptoms of the throat condition faded away over the next several days.

I am very grateful for the increased confidence in God that comes with each demonstration in Christian Science. I understand more fully than ever before that the practice of this Science gives each of us the ability to heal sin and disease with scientific certainty. My growing sense of nearness to my Father-Mother God, felt through a tender sense of God’s ever-presence and His still, small messages of guidance, permits me to say, with sincerity of heart, that my highest goal is to know and express divine Love more each day.

A.L.  (This healing was published in the November 27, 2017 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel)

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