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Are miracles just extraordinary events in the physical world that no one can explain?  Or is there a practical Science behind these events that can be learned and applied to daily living?  Listen as Dr. Amy Lang, a professor of aerospace engineering and mechanics, shares her insights into the healing works of Christ Jesus and the divine principles he used to accomplish them.

Christian healing: scientific, not miraculous

Read this article to better understand why Christian healings are not just miracles, they are scientific demonstrations — reliable and repeatable by all.

Pain in Throat Dissolved; Voice Restored

My husband and I drove up to Tennessee for the day to witness the total solar eclipse this past August. Watching the news coverage and experiencing the eclipse (we stopped in a small town where exactly 42 seconds of totality was predicted) caused me to ponder more deeply this phrase from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy:  “All we correctly know of Spirit comes from God, divine Principle, and is learned through Christ and Christian Science. If this Science has been thoroughly learned and properly digested, we can know the truth more accurately than the astronomer can read the stars or calculate an eclipse” (p. 84).

What a wonderful promise of healing, since Christ Jesus told us that the path to freedom is found by knowing the truth (see John 8:32), and this includes freedom from sin and disease. And I had had an opportunity just the week before to demonstrate this freedom.

Very early on a Saturday morning I found myself dealing with a painful throat condition. I contacted a Christian Science practitioner by email and soon received a response of prayerful support. By that evening the pain had dissipated, and I was even able to fulfill my position as a reader in church the following morning. However, I awoke on Monday morning with no voice.

This was just a week before the eclipse was going to take place, and I had gone to God in prayer pondering the metaphysical lesson behind this unique, even Biblical event (see Matthew 24:29).  It immediately occurred to me that the truth of God’s goodness, especially as manifested in Christian Science healing, could never be eclipsed by evil. Feeling an unselfed love to share this idea, I decided that morning to write a brief article along these lines and submit it for consideration as a Christian Science Daily Lift. My submission was accepted, and I feel my desire to bless others and share my voice in this way was important to the healing.

I was soon led to look up a passage in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Explaining the spiritual meaning of Revelation 12, verses 15 and 16, Mrs. Eddy writes in part: “What if the old dragon should send forth a new flood to drown the Christ-idea? He can neither drown your voice with its roar, nor again sink the world into the deep waters of chaos and old night. In this age the earth will help the woman; the spiritual idea will be understood. Those ready for the blessing you impart will give thanks” (p. 570).

As this inspiring message from God took hold of my thought, it dawned on me that my voice is not in matter. In fact, I reasoned that my only real voice is a manifestation of God’s voice, since I am a reflection of God. As such, the lie of life, or even a voice, in matter could never touch my spiritual individuality. By that night my voice returned, and any lingering symptoms of the throat condition faded away over the next several days.

I am very grateful for the increased confidence in God that comes with each demonstration in Christian Science. I understand more fully than ever before that the practice of this Science gives each of us the ability to heal sin and disease with scientific certainty. My growing sense of nearness to my Father-Mother God, felt through a tender sense of God’s ever-presence and His still, small messages of guidance, permits me to say, with sincerity of heart, that my highest goal is to know and express divine Love more each day.

A.L.  (This healing was published in the November 27, 2017 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel)

Healed of Pollen Allergies

Here in the South, everyone seems to have pollen allergies in the spring and fall. The problem is heavily advertised in the media and constantly discussed in public. The pollen is everywhere; your car turns yellow, even the streets turn yellow.

Last spring, for the first time I experienced all the symptoms of a pollen allergy. I had a real struggle with it. While praying for healing, it occurred to me that I didn’t have to fear or dread the pollen season. Pollen serves a useful purpose in nature and is, as an element in spiritual creation, an idea of God. Every object and subject of God’s creation has its own function to perform, and one useful idea (the pollen) cannot interfere with another idea (me). This came to me so clearly. It’s made it easier for me to be grateful for the pollen and to respect its place in the overall scheme of things.

Another thought I had in relation to the pollen was Jesus’ response when Pilate asked him, “Knowest thou not that I have power to crucify thee, and have power to release thee?” Jesus replied, “Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above” (John 19:10, 11). Likewise, pollen could have no power to hurt me, or anyone, because God never gave any person or thing power over His spiritual creation.

I wanted to share these insights in the event it might be helpful to someone else. They’ve helped me overcome much of the suffering associated with pollen.

D. G-M

This account was originally published in the September 2009 issue of the Christian Science Journal.

Back Pain Healed

A couple of years ago I was at an outdoor swimming pool with my family. I put on my swimsuit in the changing room and began to walk out to the pool. Although the floor had several pads for sure footing, I stepped on a section that was not covered, and I slipped and fell on the wet floor. Immediately on falling down, I declared in my thought that “accidents are unknown to God . . . ,” a quote from page 424 of Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy. After a moment I was able to get to my feet and swim with my family; however, I had a nagging pain in my back from the fall.

After I got home the pain became more severe, and that night I could not sleep well. The next morning I called a Christian Science practitioner for prayerful help. I was able to make it through my day at work, but was still in pain. The next evening I was reading Science and Health and came upon this phrase: “. . . the unbroken reality of scientific being” (p. 494). The phrase was enough for me to hold on to—that as a spiritual idea of God, my being could not be overstretched or broken in any way. That same night I felt a movement in my back, and when I woke the next morning I was completely free.

Until recently I used to ask myself why I felt I could not always hear God speaking to my thought at moments when I reached out for divine comfort. But now I’ve gained a new appreciation for the different ways in which the Word of God speaks to us, meeting our direct need. Whether in the form of a favorite Bible passage, a phrase from Science and Health, or a well-loved hymn, these inspirations do come to us in thought just when we need them. Then the need is met, and, as Mrs. Eddy phrased it, “ ‘The Word was made flesh.’ Divine Truth must be known by its effects on the body as well as on the mind, before the Science of being can be demonstrated” (Science and Health, p. 350).

I am extremely grateful for Christian Science. When we trust in God, Love, it never fails us.

A.L. (originally published in the November 7, 2011 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel)

I love God!

One of my favorite things to do when I wake up before anyone else is to go downstairs and draw pictures—I love to draw! One morning I was also thinking some angel thoughts about God, and I wrote them down for you. This is what I wrote: “I love God and God loves all of us. He loves me and my family and your family, too. We love to know about God and His love for us all. And we know how to handle bad thoughts because we love to learn about God. I love God so, so much, and I never stop loving God. And God never stops loving us!”

I can also tell you about how feeling God’s love for me healed me. One time last year, I was jumping on the trampoline, and I fell, and my leg hurt bad. My dad and my sister helped me pray. They went inside with me, and we sang some hymns together. I remember singing my new favorite—Hymn 444. It told me that I was “governed by Love,” and “safe and secure.” The whole verse said:


Innocent one, sinless and pure
Nothing can ever divide thee.
Governed by Love, you’re safe and secure;
I am forever beside thee.
So rest and know wher-e’er you go,
Home and heav’n cannot be denied thee.
For I am the Lord, there is none else;
There is no God beside Me.


Then I felt like I was protected in God’s arms. Suddenly I felt better. My leg stopped hurting. In that moment I was healed!  After that I had a great time jumping on the trampoline again.

G.L. (Age 8 when first published in the March 14, 2011 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel)


Last year, I began to experience intermittent pain in the lower part of my body, particularly in the pelvic and hip areas. The discomfort eventually became so aggressive that it virtually immobilized me. Standing and moving around for hours at a time, which is part of my daily work routine, became nearly impossible.
As a lifelong Christian Scientist, I’d learned through many experiences that I could totally depend on God for healing. I knew that the only way to a permanent resolution of this challenge was through gaining a clearer understanding of the spiritual fact that God made all in His image and likeness, and by discerning that His law of harmony applied to me right then. This law would also lead me to the specific healing truths I needed.
I prayed for many weeks. Although it was still difficult for me to move normally, I persisted in my prayers. I knew that God loved me as His very own, and as I continued to reach out to Him for direction, one day this verse from Isaiah came to my thought: “Shall the thing framed say of him that framed it, He had no understanding?” (29:16). As I reasoned with this idea, I became increasingly aware that my framework was not a physical body at all—as the material senses would have me believe—but the complete and perfect creation of God, Mind. I was supported not by bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, but by the strength and permanence that I reflect from my Maker, God.
Then I decided to look up any references that Mary Baker Eddy might have made to the word frame, and found this passage in her book Rudimental Divine Science: “You must learn to acknowledge God in all His ways. It is only a lack of understanding of the allness of God, which leads you to believe in the existence of matter, or that matter can frame its own conditions, contrary to the law of Spirit” (pp. 10-11). The Christian Scientist, she continued, “… never introduces the subject of human anatomy; never depicts the muscular, vascular, or nervous operations of the human frame.”
That was the answer I needed. I had a firm conviction that God was unfolding these truths to me, and that they applied directly to what seemed to be a debilitating bodily condition. In God’s allness, matter could neither structure nor influence the true essence and nature of His creation—our spiritual individuality—and certainly had no power to form harmful conditions.
With this realization, I was healed that very day. My fear of being immobile or unable to perform my normal functions dissolved. The pain vanished and has not returned. I’ve been able to walk and stand freely as I’d always done.
I’d learned once again that to gain dominion over the belief in a power apart from God brings healing. How increasingly grateful I am for this logical and conclusive Science—the truths of which are always available when we listen for and follow Mind’s direction.


First published in the October 2007 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Healed Quickly After a Fall

In February 2007, I traveled with an artist friend to a remote river cottage for a weekend of “plein-air painting,” or painting outdoors in a natural setting. We were to be joined by other artists the following day.

Arriving late in the afternoon, we carried our luggage and painting equipment inside. After getting settled, we decided to drive into the nearest town to eat dinner.

It was dark by this time. While walking to the car, I tripped and fell headfirst over a low brick wall that wasn’t lighted. As I landed on the concrete driveway, my nose received the full impact of the fall, and my left wrist felt as if it had been injured.

Immediately, I began to pray, mentally insisting that I’d never been separated from God and that no circumstance could interfere with my perfect reflection of Him. I also declared firmly that “accidents are unknown to God,” based on concepts I’d studied from Science and Health, and that God is always in control and His plan includes only good (see p. 424).

My friend was directly behind me when I fell and was very frightened. She wanted to know what she could do to help, and I asked for some towels, since I was bleeding. As she went into the house, I continued to lie still, and the next thought that came to me was, “This is going to make a great testimony.” “Well,” I thought, “That’s very encouraging. I must be expecting a complete healing!”

My friend sat with me in the driveway until I was ready to go into the cottage to lie down on the sofa. She then asked if I needed anything for pain or if I wanted to go to a hospital for emergency care. I realized I wasn’t experiencing any pain, and explained that I’d always had good results by praying for healing through relying on Christian Science as a means of healthcare. My friend respected this and offered to drive me home, but I assured her that if I was not all right by morning, my husband would be happy to come and get me.

I was awake for most of the night, and I studied many statements of truth from Science and Health. I prayed to know that in reality I was “unfallen, upright, pure, and free,” and that I’d never fallen from my “high estate”—my heritage as God’s child (see Science and Health, pp. 171, 258). Gaining confidence through these prayers, I was able to face and defeat the fear that I’d be left scarred or disfigured from the incident, or even penalized for not going to a doctor for stitches.

The most important part of my prayers was my firm resolve not to allow the moment of impact on the driveway to replay itself over and over in my thought. Every time the scene tried to repeat itself, I firmly said, “No,” and instead began to pray with “the scientific statement of being” from Science and Health, and also with the Daily Prayer from the Manual of The Mother Church (see Science and Health, p. 468; Manual, p. 41). At times, it felt as if I was waging war against these aggressive thoughts about injury and accident, but I knew that God’s love was stronger than pain or fear.

By the following morning, my face wasn’t swollen anymore, and I felt better. Joining the group of arriving artists, with a bandage on my nose, I was able to participate in the weekend of painting. When the artists found out about what had happened, several commented that I was going to be very black and blue. But I silently rejected this idea as not having the support of spiritual law. Therefore, I didn’t have to accept it as fact. Any discoloration I had on my face soon faded.

My friend and I returned home two days later. For the first time, I began to have pain in my ribs, and breathing deeply was difficult. My wrist and my nose were healing beautifully, so I was disappointed to suddenly be confronted with this challenge to a complete healing. For several days, the problem got worse, and my husband became concerned.

Inspiration led me to pray by considering part of the description of serpent in the Glossary of Science and Health. It reads, in part, “the first lie of limitation” ( p. 594). That struck a chord with me, and I realized I’d been struggling for some time with a sense of financial limitation. It wasn’t that I was lacking anything necessary, but I had several investments that were not doing well, and for me this situation had been painful to think about. But right then, I realized that I didn’t have to be influenced by the “serpent thought” that my security depended on a personal ability to create income. Shortly after this revelation, the pain in my ribs stopped, and my breathing became normal.

My husband, who is new to the study of Christian Science, was very moved by this complete healing. We’re both very grateful.

D. G-M.

This testimony was originally published in the Sept.1, 2008 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel.

A healing from a Sunday School student

One afternoon in fall 2011 I was riding the bus home from school.  It was my stop, so I walked down the stairs.  Somehow my feet got tangled and I tripped.  I fell, and landed on my thumb and knees.  My thumb started hurting.  I went home while knowing all the time that I was a perfect child of God, so no harm could come to me. I told my Dad, and we sang some of Mrs. Eddy’s hymns like, “O gentle presence, peace and joy and power.”  I kept declaring the truth about myself, and my Dad did too.  Later that week, I felt something in my thumb move.  I remembered what had happened, and felt my thumb.  It was perfect!!! I am very grateful for all my healings in Christian Science.

S. L.

Child healed of paralysis

How very grateful I am for a harmonious and trouble-free childhood in a home where Christian Science was studied and for a religious education in a Christian Science Sunday School! The spiritual truths taught there have maintained and sustained my family and me for many years.

In the Bible we read ( Ps. 37:23), “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.” As I look back over our experience of eighteen moves in seventeen years, as an Air Force family, I realize that every step and action we have taken has been directed by God, good. Each move was complete, and adequate housing was provided despite housing shortages. Protection, friends, and right activity always awaited my husband, our four children, and me.

Since the Bible as well as “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy are our only preachers, I never felt separated from my church, and I found that Truth operates effectively, regardless of one’s geographical location.

Though our physical problems have been few, there is one experience I should like to share. Some years ago, our son, who was then five years old, became stricken with almost complete paralysis. Since my husband is not a Christian Scientist, he took the child to a medical specialist. I accompanied them, calmly knowing that there is in reality one physician only and that one is God, who sees and knows only good. The doctor did not name the malady, but insisted that the child be put in traction and stated that further action would be taken shortly.

The next morning, after my husband left for work, I took the Bible and Science and Health and sat down to study the Bible Lesson, outlined in the Christian Science Quarterly. I affirmed the fact that in truth I had no problem and that my only need and desire was for complete awareness of God’s ever-presence.

As I read the beautiful account of Lazarus and Jesus’ words as he raised him from the dead ( John 11:44), “Loose him, and let him go,” I clearly realized that “every law of matter or the body, supposed to govern man, is rendered null and void by the law of Life, God,” as Mrs. Eddy says on pages 380 and 381 of Science and Health. Then I knew that there is actually nothing to bind or restrict one to inactivity, disease, or death. When I looked at the child, he was sitting up in bed, playing with the books that had been used to weigh down his legs. He was completely well. I am grateful for our many blessings, for class instruction, and for the entire Christian Science movement. It is indeed the religion that meets all our needs.

F.O.  (First published in the October 20, 1962 edition of the Christian Science Sentinel)

God’s Guidance over a Career: Lesson in Humility

I would like to testify to God’s chastening Love throughout my career development.  When I chose engineering as my profession God gently lead me, opened up many doors and provided for me through financial fellowships that ultimately resulted in the attainment of a PhD in Aeronautics in 1997 from Caltech.  I then married and obtained a position as an Assistant Professor at a university in the Midwest.  I was grateful for this opportunity but as the time came for me to apply for tenure it became clear that God had many lessons for me to learn.  I had two children during these seven years, and there were some in my department that thought it was not wise for me to have done so. There was also resentment in the department since others thought I was making a lot more money than I was. I did not realize it at the time, but God was removing me from this environment to a better one and along the way I learned many valuable lessons that improved my research and teaching capabilities.  In 2004 I did not get tenure, which meant I had to find another job.  I recall one test I had to learn was to love all involved in this decision, for to hate was to be in hell according to the definition found in Science & Health.  Only two universities showed interest in interviewing me.  This is evidence that often people facing this obstacle are forced out of academia.  The first one interviewed me and offered me a position to start in fall 2005.  I am grateful for the receptiveness of particularly one individual who later became the department head — he pulled my application out of the pile (typically there are over 50 applications) and valued my qualifications. Also, while the advertisement was only for one open position, the university willingly hired myself and another who was also highly qualified.  This was evidence to me of God placing all His children in their right place.  During this time I memorized the hymn “He Leadeth Me” and it was my constant companion in thought.  At my new position I was ready to rely completely on God for my success knowing as Jesus told us, “My Father worketh hitherto and I work”.  I was lead to take on a new direction in my research when I recalled a picture of shark skin from my undergraduate days.  I was able to obtain a series of grants in a competitive environment to fund this research and have discovered a new passive way that sharks use their scales to control the flow over their body for decreased drag and increased maneuverability (similar to dimples on a golf ball).  In 2011 I was awarded tenure and I owe it all to God.  All these career lessons have resulted in great spiritual growth, but the most important lesson was humility for as our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy says, “One can not go up, until one has gone down in his own esteem.”  And this move to Alabama has blessed my whole family, for what blesses one must bless all.  My gratitude for my Christian Science teacher and practitioner, whose constant supported guided my family through this experience, and to God is unbounded.